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3 RWS employees charged with forgery & giving false information

CNA – 13 Sep 2012

SINGAPORE: Two employees of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) have been charged with forgery, and a third for giving false information.

The trio are accused of trying to hide the fact that Resorts World Sentosa issued complimentary Universal Studios Singapore tickets to patrons who renewed their levies.

These charges came on the back of a S$600,000 fine imposed on Resorts World Sentosa on Wednesday.

The integrated resort was fined for breaching social safeguards against problem gambling by partially reimbursing the annual entry levy paid by about 3,400 local casino patrons.

Lim Tze Chean, 43, is accused of forgery on seven counts – twice on 31 May 2011 and five times on 1 June 2011.  The maximum penalty for forgery is a jail term of up to four years and a fine. Lim, the vice-president of VIP Services at the Gaming Services Department, also faces two charges of providing false information in July last year to authorities — one to CRA inspectors, the other to the company’s internal Board of Inquiry.

For providing false information, Lim could be jailed up to two years and fined up to S$50,000 on each count.  Sim Bee Ling, assistant manager of VIP Services, was also charged on Thursday morning. The 30-year-old woman is accused of instigating a Thien Lai Foo to forgery on three occasions.

Court documents said it was to hide the fact that RWS issued complimentary USS tickets to patrons who renewed their levies. She had apparently instigated Thien to change entries in a briefing book sometime between May and June last year.

On each count, Sim faces up to four years’ imprisonment and a fine.  A third employee, Lee Poh Yee, senior vice-president of gaming services, was charged with one count of providing false information to CRA inspectors.  The 36-year-old father of two allegedly gave a false statement on July 14.

Ex-croupier jailed 11 weeks for overpaying accomplice $3,050

marina bay sands casino

ST, 16 Aug 2012

A croupier at the Marina Bay Sands casino overpaid an accomplice a total of $3,000 in casino chips on top of her winnings of $200 in four games.

A sharp-eyed surveillance operator manning the video monitor, however, grew suspicious at the haste in which the patron grabbed her winnings off the baccarat table.

Video footage of the table was scrutinised and it showed what Ho Kee Hwa was up to on July 28, 2011.

On Thursday, the 42-year-old former croupier was sentenced to 11 weeks’ jail. He pleaded guilty to committing criminal breach of trust of $3,050.


Tyra Banks in Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa

Supermodel Tyra Banks was in town recently to promote Asia’s Next Top Model, the latest adaptation of the successful America’s Next Top Model franchise.

We got up close and personal with the business mogul, talk-show host, TV star, author and most recently, Harvard Graduate – and find out why she is a fan of amusement parks. Also, hear Tyra thank her fans in Mandarin and Malay!

Go on an ART photo trail at Resorts World Sentosa

The Thinker by Rodin at World Square

You’d think that the prime photo-taking spots in Resorts World Sentosa are at the spinning Universal Studios Globe, the Lake of Dreams or even the statuesque twin guitars of Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. But if you take a walk around and keep a lookout, you’ll notice more than these signature landmarks – art pieces like quirky sculptures, exquisite glass installations, bright pop-art pieces and a brooding thinker.

So grab your camera and go on a different sort of art trail, starting from:

1.      Britto’s explosive pop art

Colourful pop art influnced art by Romero Britto at Festive Hotel

Romero Britto (1963-) considers the role of an artist to be an agent of positive change, and looking at his work it’s no wonder why. Bright, bold, and almost child-like, his loud art pieces – both sculptures and paintings – will make you think of happy childhood days past. While you can find many of them at Festive Hotel’s lobby, where they complement the family-friendly accommodation, you can also spot his sculptures lining the Waterfront and scattered around the Bullring.

2.       Dali’s spindly elephant

Space Elephant by Salvador Dali along the Galleria

Halfway through The Galleria, you’ll spot an oddity in the form of an elephant with long, gangly legs and an obelisk on its back. But if you’re familiar with the work of the artist, surrealist Salvador Dali (1904-1989), you’ll find that this elephant is nothing out of the ordinary. Based on a 1946 painting by Dali, this sculpture depicts the temptations of St. Anthony on his travels. The obelisk on the elephant’s back is a symbol of power while the skinny legs represent desire. You wouldn’t miss it if you were coming from the Casino or walking towards Hotel Michael from Festive Hotel.

3.       Chihuly’s twisted glass

Chandeliers by Dale Chihuly at Crockfords Tower lobby

If you happen to pass by Crockfords Tower or are a staying guest, don’t forget to look to the ceiling at the Hotel lobby. You’ll find chandeliers of intricately twisted glass, created by world-renown glass sculptor Dale Chihuly (1941-). Characterized by baubles and long, ribbon-like pieces clustered in a tight center, you could spend a few minutes staring just to see how the separate pieces come together.  If a photo isn’t enough, head over to the Chihuly Gallery right before the entrance of Hotel Michael to bring a piece home.

4.       Botero’s rotund couple

Adam and Eve by Botero

Further down from the Space Elephant before Hotel Michael’s lobby, two very solid looking figures greet you, and you best be in awe; after all, they’re inspired by the first two humans in creation, Adam and Eve. Given a rotund appearance by Columbian figurative artist Fernando Botero (1932-), they stand at 3.7metres and tower over you with their sheer size. The voluminous proportions is the artist’s signature; he has a penchant for painting and sculpting large figures, (some might call them “fat”), influenced as he is by the lush figures of the Baroque art period.

5.       Think hard with Rodin

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen this chap before, sitting alone contemplating hard about… something. Well you’ll find him thinking pretty deep at World Square, directly outside Palio just beyond Adam and Eve. Made of bronze and marble, the statue was originally supposed to depict Italian poet Dante from the Middle Ages, pondering in front of the Gates of Hell. Unclothed, French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) wanted to portray the heroic figure in the tradition of Michelangelo, to represent intellect and poetry.

6. Be In The Mood with Man Fung Yi & Mok Yat San

Be in the mood mixed media at Equarius Hotel

The pair of talented Hong Kong artists were commissioned to create a piece with the theme flora and fauna; at first glance, you probably wouldn’t notice the art piece – titled In the Mood of Intimacy – because it blends seamlessly into Equarius Hotel’s back-to-nature setting. Upon closer inspection though, you’ll get to see the intricacies behind the castings. Using brass and stainless steel, the art piece inspired by spring and the colour of love is situated at the hotel’s reception area.


Lu Chen was in town for DAZZLE LU CHEN SINGAPORE 2012

Life lessons with Lu Chen.

We were expecting someone showier when we got up close and personal with Taiwanese magician Lu Chen. After all, having seen how the 36-year-old wowed audiences in countless YouTube videos, we thought he would be a celebrity as glitzy as his tricks. Instead, we got a man who is as simple and straightforward as they come.


The renowned magician is no stranger in the magic industry, having made international appearances in Japan, Europe and the United States. The Kaoshiung-born had also impressed audiences with high profile performances in Hollywood’s Magic Castle and CCTV’s annual Spring Festival.

All eyes on Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was in town for DAZZLE LU CHEN SINGAPORE 2012, and the original plan of asking him to perform a few tricks became an inspiring session on how magic can make you a better person.

1. Life can be seen from different points of view

There are many perspectives to life.

We see a cup and think it’s no different from any other cup we’ve seen. In Lu Chen’s mind, the cup represents many possibilities. Ever since he began dabbling in magic at a young age of eight, he has always seen things from different perspectives.

He revealed: “If I wanted to use it as a prop for a magic trick, I have to look at a cup in as many ways as possible. In the same way, I approach life from different viewpoints so it will always be interesting.”

2. Life is about being brave

Reaching out.

For most of us mere mortals, speaking and performing in front of a large crowd isn’t exactly an inborn skill. Things are no different for Lu Chen. He remembers being a quiet, shy and introverted kid until he began performing magic to a sea of unknown faces. Last year, he put up his most memorable show in Las Vegas at the Encore Theatre in the Wynn, in front of Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood.

“I knew if I wanted to pursue my passion to perform magic, I had to be courageous and give the audience my best. It’s a form of expression and this is a path I do not regret taking,” he told us.

3. There is no easy way out in life

More than meets the eye.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you can turn off the TV with just a snap of your fingers?  We asked Lu Chen whether he uses magic to make his everyday life more convenient. Without hesitation, he stated firmly that he is not very different from us when it comes to a typical day at home. He reads the newspapers, goes to the gym, surfs the Internet and watches DVDs when he isn’t performing.

In an assuring tone, he said: “I lead a normal life when I am not on stage. I use magic to entertain and enthrall, but when it comes achieving success in life, there is no shortcut.”

Hear why Lu Chen thinks Resorts World Sentosa is one of the best places he has visited:


Catch Dazzle Lu Chen at Resorts World Sentosa this Saturday, 11 August. Tickets on sale at the RWS Ticket and Membership Hub, Festive Grand Ticketing Counter and Gift Shop, RWS INVITES Counters, Universal Studios Singapore Ticketing Booths 5 and 6, SISTIC authorized agents or via

RWS Invites members enjoy 25% off Cat 1, 2 and 3 tickets.Tickets available at Festive Grand Ticketing Centre, Forum, B1. Present your RWS Invites card at the ticketing centre.

4 ways to celebrate Saturday nights at Hollywood After Party

Guitarist of local live band at Hollywood After Party at USS

We. Want. You.

It’s the weekend and you’re out at the same old place with your friends. Maybe it’s pub-crawling with your best mates, or maybe it’s having a quick round of office gossip with your colleagues at a café. But one thing’s for sure – it’s the weekend, and weekends are made for celebration. Hollywood After Hours at Universal Studios Singapore® is giving you a new place and new reasons to celebrate. We show you four ways to rock out every Saturday night.


1. Eat and drink, then eat and drink some more

Free flow of food and drinks at only $28 at Hollywood After Party

Eat now worry later.

Who cares about that diet during the weekends – you deserve a nice pat on the tummy for working hard all week. Raid the food stalls lining the streets of Hollywood and dig in to hearty fare. The best part? It’s free flow goodness: for just $13 you get soft drinks & beer, and an additional $15 will get you delectable munchies, all night long. Go wild, tiger.

2. Catch the Olympics Highlights

Olympics highlights at Hollywood After Party

Crystal clear Olympics (photos do not do the screen justice) right at the entrance of Hollywood.

The Olympics are here and everyone feels the heat. Just in case you missed out on the best of the Olympics, catch highlights on a big screen as you lean back and sip on a beer.

3. Dance: the streets

Grooving in the streets of Hollywood at the Hollywood After Party

Throw up a few hand signs for that authentic rock concert feeling.

No, we’re not talking about the latest installment of the Step Up dance movie series. We’re talking about dancing in the streets of Hollywood to the snazzy beats of local live celebrity bands, from 7pm to 11pm. Of course, if you want to make your own version of Step Up, you can. Just get a few friends together, hand someone a video camera, and groove away. Who knows, you might just walk away with an awe-inspiring video that will be the next Facebook viral star. That, or comedy gold.

Local live bands at Hollywood After Party

4. Go bug-eyed watching fireworks

If there’s one thing we have in common with insects, it’s our fascination with bright lights. So come early and book the best place in front of Lake Hollywood to catch the Lake Hollywood Spectacular pyrotechnics showcase at 9.30 pm. Don’t forget to bring along your camera so you can capture the bright lights for later appreciation.

Lake Hollywood Spectacular at Universal Studios Singapore

When the fireworks go off, the cameras come out.

Check out how party-goers enjoyed themselves at Hollywood After Party at Universal Studios Singapore here:

Hollywood After Party at Universal Studios Singapore happens every Saturday from 28 July to 29 September*, and on Thursday 9 August on National Day.

Entry is priced at $20 with one free drink. RWS Invites members enjoy a special entry fee of $10 with one free drink. Top up for free flow of drinks and beer ($13) or free flow of food ($15).

* Hollywood After Party is not available on Sat, 18 Aug.

Reservations: Universal Studios Singapore Ticketing Counters. For enquiries, please call 6577 8888. RWS Invites members, please present your card at the ticketing centre. For enquiries, please call 6577 9788.


Armed forces specialist jailed for cheating at casino


29 July 2012

A SPECIALIST army officer colluded with four accomplices and cheated Marina Bay Sands of nearly S$150,000 in July and August last year. Now suspended from duty, Toh Kaida, 29, was jailed for two years.

When he pleaded guilty early this month, the court heard that the mastermind was Ho Boon Keat, 29, who was then working at the casino as a surveillance operator. When he was on duty, his accomplices would stake out the Sic Bo tables. Pleading for leniency on behalf on Toh, defence counsel Josephus Tan said that Toh had made restitution of S$10,000  to the casino, which was his share of the criminal proceeds. Three other accomplices have also been dealt with. Ho was sentenced to three years in jail while ex-specialist officer Ang Chee Peng, 28, received two-and-a-half years. Former truck driver Benson Ho, 25, was jailed one year and two months.

The case against the fifth accomplice, Bai Qipei, 24, a deliveryman, will be heard next month. He too will be pleading guilty. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network


Osia’s first-ever Cooking with Friends by Chef Scott Webster at RWS

Goat Cheese Soufflé with Hazelnut Truffle Honey

Goat Cheese Soufflé with Hazelnut Truffle Honey

Mention Perth and you’ll get polarised reactions. It’s either the “Ooh, love the climate” or “What a boring place” response. But when it comes to food, most don’t do a second take. Singaporeans love the free-spirited, effortless, clean flavours of Australia-inspired cuisine.


Truffles at Osia

Black Truffles

Did you know that Western Australia is a land of plenty? The self-sufficient state is a producer of many fresh ingredients like black truffle from the quaint town of Manjimup and succulent seafood including rock lobster, scallop and yes, even abalone from the frigid waters of the Indian Ocean. Ever heard of the freshwater yabby native to Australia? I call it a cross between the prawn and crayfish.

 Australian Chef Scott Webster

Australian Chef Scott Webster

Endowed with natural resources and chefs who swear by the ‘let the produce speak for itself’ philosophy, it’s little wonder why Celebrity Chef Scott Webster decided to bring a piece of magnificent Perth to kick-start his spanking new “Cooking with Friends” series at Osia.

Executive chef Chris Taylor for Osia at RWS

Executive Chef Chris Taylor from Fraser’s Restaurant

From 24 to 28 July, Executive Chef Chris Taylor from Fraser’s restaurant will be the guest chef at Osia. His fuss-free approach to cooking is a reflection of Chef Webster’s mantra in the kitchen, making him the obvious choice to set the tone for “Cooking with Friends”. As the culinary ambassador for the Western Australia (WA) Tourism Commission, Chef Taylor has promoted the use of WA produce through cooking classes and many other high-profile events.

Fraser's restaurant

Nestled amid WA’s picturesque King’s Park, Fraser’s restaurant has become a popular haunt for locals and Singaporeans alike.

“Having been to Singapore many times, I’m very aware of what expectations Singaporeans have of food. My restaurants in Perth have been frequented by Singaporeans for years and the connection has been fantastic. Having a produce driven, brasserie-style approach to dishes suits the modern style of dining in an urban city,” chef Taylor quips.

Ceviche of Yellow Tail Kingfish and Crab

Ceviche of Yellow Tail Kingfish and Crab

If you enjoy clean, simple, big, and bold flavours, then chef Taylor’s cuisine is bound to whet your appetite. He does a mean curing of raw seafood, infusing them with citrus juices that dance on the palate. The Ceviche of Yellow Tail Kingfish and Crab is a perfect appetiser to appreciate fresh seafood without much post-processing.

Pan-fried Goat Cheese Gnocchi, Tomato Sugo
Pan-fried Spinach Gnocchi

There’s a whole menu of other dishes which I find most intriguing like the Pan-fried Spinach Gnocchi; Seared WA Scallops, Tomato Fondue, Shaved Jamón and Garlic Oil; and Sea Urchin Roe, Scrambled Egg, Urchin Salad. For mains, must-tries include the WA Rock Lobster and Asparagus Risotto with Truffle Butter, Duck Confit and Roast Breast with Mushroom Polenta, and Braised Lamb Shoulder, Roast Cutlet and Chickpea.

Other than the a la carte menu designed to showcase Fraser’s signature dishes, Chef Taylor has also orchestrated a set lunch and set dinner which will have you salivating. For those of you who’re more interested to learn the tricks of the trade and whip up your own little party, sign up now for Chef Taylor’s masterclass happening on 27 and 28 July, from 2.30pm – 5.30pm at $88++. If you’re an RWS Invites member, you pay a special price of $75++.

Chef Chris Taylor promotions

For reservations or enquiries, kindly call: +65 6577 6560 or email



The New Tree Top Lofts at RWS

under the Tree Top Lofts at RWS

When I first heard about the Tree Top Lofts, I immediately imagined the hastily put-together, slightly ramshackle tree houses of early childhood stories. Of course I knew this wouldn’t be the case; after all, the Lofts are set to deliver a 5-star “back to nature” experience. And while there is something charming about climbing onto a rickety tree house (complete with ladders made of leftover planks) the real Lofts blew all thoughts of shabby versions right out of the water.


aerial view of Tree Top Loft at RWS

Nestled in the lush forests off the Western zone of the resort, the Tree Top Lofts are the epitome of modern living set within nature, blending harmoniously with the rare and heritage trees that can be found in the vicinity. If you’re worried that the natural quiet would be spoiled by the influx of Loft guests, then take comfort in the fact that there are only two such unique lofts; Angsana and Tembusu.

Apart from exclusivity, the small number also means more space and more privacy, which means a higher chance of catching a glimpse of the natural wildlife in the area. If you’re a nature photography buff this will be the perfect elevated stake out spot. Come sunset, enjoy the panoramic views of Mount Faber to the north and the forests of Sentosa to the South.

terrace area at the Tree Top Lofts at RWS

Standing at a height of 7 and 12 metres respectively, the architecture of the Angsana and Tembusu lofts were conceived as “log cabins in the sky”. Perched on four thick columns (1.3 meters in diameter!) the ascension to the lofts lends a surreal feel: imagine being a bird perched in its nest in the forest. It’s easy to forget that you’re barely minutes away from the excitement of the Resort and a small stretch of sea away from main land Singapore.

And that’s what the Tree Top Lofts aim to achieve: the feeling of a getaway, an escape from the concrete jungle. Of course, this escape comes with creature comforts, like personalized butler service and luxurious hotel amenities.

bedroom at Tree Top Lofts at RWS

The interior of the lofts are spread over 73 square meters, consisting of the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom. But the main draw is the surrounding outdoor terrace area, all 90 square meters of it. The idyllic setting makes you feel like lounging outside all day, from dawn to dusk.  After all, being in a tree top loft is all about immersing yourself in the natural environment. Imagine kicking back with a cup of tea or a tall cold drink whilst listening to the sounds of the forest. The forests of Sentosa could very well be the fictional Shangri-La, place of perfect bliss that James Hilton wrote about in his 1933 novel Lost Horizon.

Interior of Tree Top Loft at RWS - Living Room

Inside, the high wooden ceiling structures add to the loftiness (no pun intended) of the place. At 5 to 6 metres high, it’s almost double the height of most HDB ceilings, and when you sink into the cushions of the couch and prop your feet up, the high rafters take away the usual oppressive feeling of the low ceilings of the buildings we are so used to.

Tree Top Lofts at RWS


The rack rate for Angsana and Tembusu are S$3000++ a night, and are available for booking from July. You can email for more information.

If you still want to stay with nature without being in the treetops, check out our Beach Villas or the Equarius Hotel.



My first experience in ESPA at RWS

by Chisato Endo

Hammam at RWS

I love massages and have tried a few spa treatments, but never in a spa as famous as ESPA. And since I got to know that ESPA at RWS has Japanese-inspired outdoor onsen pools, I’d been waiting for an opportunity to experience them as well as the first-in-Singapore “Indulgence Hammam Ritual”. I trooped down with a friend to find out just how good the global leader in spa is.


The lobby was bathed in soothing colours and warm lighting. A pleasant receptionist welcomed us and guided us to the consultation lounge where we were served welcome drinks (pineapple and lychee), freshened up with chilled towels and filled up the consulting card.

Pre-treatment consultation at ESPA at RWS

The special thing about the card is personalization, the heart of treatments at ESPA. With over 20 different types of treatments available, they’ll probably cater to even the most specialized requirements – be it a foot rub for the mother-to-be or even grooming needs for men. You could also indicate on the card specific areas you would like the therapists to focus on. Naturally, I ticked the Hammam treatment.

Pre-Treatment Facilities

When making the appointments, we were advised to arrive an hour earlier to enjoy the pre-treatment facilities and that was what we did. It would be a pity not to come an hour earlier to get into the mood of things since that’s already included in the treatment cost.

Here’s the thing about ESPA: the facilities are amazingly extensive, with separate male and female pre-treatment facilities which include vitality pools with air and water massage jets, outdoor plunge pools and warm pool, dry sauna, crystal steam rooms and unisex Forest Onsen pools.

After a quick visit to the ladies locker room to change into our swimwear – where an ESPA attendant is always ready to assist – we headed straight for the outdoor plunge pools. The fresh air, light breeze and massage jets helped us relax and set the mood for our next stop: the Forest Onsen pool.

Forest Onsen at ESPA at RWS

I am really fond of the Forest Onsen pool, which is shaded by trees and surrounded by big rocks with a small waterfall at about shoulder height. I grew up in Japan and this reminded me of onsens that I used to visit often in my youth. The water is not as hot as an actual Japanese onsen, which is good if you prefer a milder soak.

After the warm dip in the pools, we rested and leisurely snacked on some apples at the tea lounge that overlooks the Forest Onsen. It was the perfect prelude to our Hammam Experience.

The Hammam Experience

Stepping into the Hammam treatment area felt like going into a totally different world. Unlike other parts of ESPA, the Hammam area is furnished with marble slabs and stones complete with some cute Turkish style kettles and bowls. In Japan, we’d call them ‘kawaii’!

Hammam at ESPA at RWS

What’s nice is that we were given the option of having the treatments together or in our own private rooms. We took the group treatment since that is how they do it in Turkey and we wanted as authentic an experience as possible.

While sipping mint tea (served from a very cute tea pot) in the warm room, our spa therapists gave us a rundown about what we were going to experience. They were donned in black swimwear, which could only mean one thing: it was going to get wet.

Our treatment started with a soothing, warm hair wash, which reminded me of how my mother used to do it back when I was still a kid.

Next, we were told to lie face-down down on the marble slab. It was hard but thankfully warm. I didn’t know what to expect but when the spa therapist started literally throwing water onto my body, I was so surprised I started laughing. A hard body scrub followed, and a second water splashing session. Every time they splashed water on me, I admit I laughed – I couldn’t help it! I found out later that this water splashing treatment was supposed to invigorate our bodies and get the blood flowing.

Next, the therapist used a pillow case and created a thick foam of soap bubbles that they use to wrap my entire body with. It was a soft, light and comfortable feeling when the therapist started giving me thorough foam massage before rinsing me with water.

Mineral mud used in the Hammam treatment

Mineral mud used in the Hammam treatment

Lastly, we had our bodies covered in green mud body masks, before going for a 10-minute steam room session. The Hammam treatment ended with us rinsing off and the therapists helping us towel dry.

Some Post-Treatment Loving

After this, guests can proceed to the sleep zone for a nap accompanied by soothing music; we didn’t take up this offer as we had other plans but a peek into the sleep zone revealed a cool, quiet, warmly-lit area filled with cleverly private lounge pods; it looked so conducive for sleeping and was sorely tempting.

For ladies, don’t forget to check out the Finishing Studios to get your manicure and pedicure. We had our nails worked and I have to say it was professionally done. We also saw a variety of ESPA products to purchase for home use. Like all products used for the treatments, these are all made from natural ingredients at ESPA’s own factory in UK.

Getting a pedicure at the finishing studio at ESPA at RWS

Getting a pedicure at the finishing studio while getting a back massage and hydrotherapy bath at the same time

We spent nearly 3 hours at ESPA at RWS and came out feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and raring to go again. My skin felt like a new born baby’s after the rigorous scrubbing during the treatments. It was a one-of-its-kind experience and I personally liked the Hammam treatment. I’m already looking forward to future sessions at ESPA.

Although it may seem pricey at S$200++ for a one hour Treatment Session, the price includes use of ESPA unique signature heat experiences, pools and various relaxation areas. In all, that price gave me an incredible 3 hours experience to a more relaxed and contented ‘me’. On days that I feel like really pampering myself, ESPA is now an option.


Enjoy a 60-minute signature massage at ESPA worth $200+ when you sign up with RWS Invites, Resorts World Sentosa’s premier loyalty programme. Better yet, park for free when you pamper yourself. All with an annual membership fee of $150.

For more information, visit the website.

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